Pramukh Swami against Navratri celebration

It is pity how money concentrated sampraday trying to change Sanatan Hindu Dharma. BAPS Pramukh Swami addressing assembly in UK to not to celebrate Navratri, Navratri is specially dedicated to ma Amba. Pramukh Swami knew that by their followers are spending money on Navratri; but asking BAPS followers not celebrate, he wanted to keep money in the sampraday.

Also, BAPS started playing garba in their halls by placing fake god in the center. This is a downfall for Hindu dharma; damage done by sampraday will hurt Hindu religion for years.

It is very well known that BAPS is biased towards the females; but we didn’t know that they’re also biased towards Maa Ambe. We should stop visiting such a temple where women are respected.

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  1. વિચારીને યાર ઉચ્ચાર વાણી
    ઘૂવડ જેવા અલ્પજ્ઞો સૂર્ય નથી એમ દાવો કરે એનાથી સૂર્યનું અસ્તિત્ત્વ પૂર્ણ નથી થતું. પરંતુ ઘુવડની અજ્ઞાનતા છતી થાય છે.
    શાસ્ત્રોનું ઉડાણપૂર્વક વાંચવાનો અભ્યાસ રાખશો તો વિસર્જન માટે શક્તિ વાપરવાને બદલે સર્જન માટે વાપરવાનો સદ્વવિચાર આવશે.


    1. શાસ્ત્રો નું ઊંડાળ પૂર્વક જ્ઞાન ખાલી BAPS સ્વામિનારાયણ વાળા પાસે જ છે; બીજા બધા તો ખાલી છેતરવા બેઠા છે.


    1. No I don’t believe it; your link is from his Katha from Jordon. Clip is not full, he also mentions that if I said something then you can use it.

      And specifically he mentions about quoting things said by someone on his name. I present what he said and clips on my youtube channel are evident.


      1. Your “clips” aren’t full either so where are you going with this? I told Morari Bapu specifically about your website and videos using his name to fuel your agenda, and he told me that people are becoming crazy.

        In all the videos you’ve posted of him, you are using that content to speak against others which he is totally against. You are receiving backlash from left, right and centre at the moment. I told you from day one that this charade of yours won’t last!


      1. તમે એમ કહો છો કે સ્ત્રીઑ ને દૂર રાખે છે & નજીક રાખે તો કે એ વ્યભિચાર કરે છે

        હવે તમને કઈ રીતે પોંગવા તમે હિન્દુ તો છો ને ??
        લક્ષ્મણજી પણ એમના ભાઈ – ભાભી સાથે જ રહેતા તા પણ એક વાર પણ ભાભી સામું જોયું નથી
        તો શું લક્ષ્મણજી એ સીતાજી નો બહિષ્કાર કરિયો કેવાય..??

        તમારા જવાબ માટે હું રાહ જોવ છું
        લી. એક હિન્દુ
        જય શ્રી રાધે રાધે


      2. આ તમે કઈ tv સીરીયલ માં થી લઇ આવ્યા કે રામાયણ ની કોઈ પંક્તિ માં થી શોધ્યું.
        જ્યાં સુધી અમને ખબર છે, ત્યારે તુલસીદાસ એ અરણ્ય કાંડ માં લખેલ છે, રામ સીતા જયારે આગળ જાય ત્યારે લક્ષમણ પગ ની જમીન પર જે છાપ પડેલ હોય એ દેખીને ચાલતા હતા.

        અને તમારા કેહવા પ્રમાણે, અમારા સનાતન ધર્મ ના સાધુ સંતો ખોટા લોકો ને આશીર્વાદ આપે છે.


    1. Jai Shri Ram !! Har Har Mahadev !! Did you read original shikshapatri verse-108 (who is supreme God) and verse-110 (wh is Nar-Narayan).


  2. You people are filled with criticism only. This is not the basic ideology of Sanatan Dharma. In the era of lord swaminarayan major yagnas and Havana’s were specially for so called Brahmins and sadhus and bhuvas who forcefully kills animals to please god and goddess. I think you ppl are also same category.


  3. Leave it out Anand with your adulterated words. What in the world does Islam have to do with what is being discussed here? Your speech also implies hatred towards Muslims, I’m not sure if that’s take to lightly in this day and age?

    This blog is coming to an end shortly now that more people have become aware of this charade. The individual who runs this blog preaches about Ram, and Morari Bapu but Morari Bapu when shown this site made comments regarding how mental people have become and how they are falling into the pits of “hell” in this lifetime by writing such false stories and involving his name in these stories, manipulating his words to suit the agenda of this individual.

    I already told the individual about Morari Bapu’s comments and yet his talks are still plastered all over this website and the YouTube channel. Sacha devalaye ghant vagshe!!


  4. 90% patels belongs to RAM dynasty
    (leuva patels belong to luv dynasty and kadva patels belong to kush dynasty).

    Remaning 10% patels are islamic (swami-narayan). Pramukh swami was islamic patel who wanted to destroy sanatan dharm by conversion of leuva-kadva (RAM) patels into ISLAM.


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