Never marry your daughter in Swaminaryan family

Recently, girl contacted our facebook group with her story regarding swaminarayan sampraday, Yogi Divine Society (YDS), which is run by Hari Prasad Swami located at Sokhada.
YDS was separated from BAPS, but has the same ideology of BAPS. Below images portrays her ruined life in swaminarayan family. To protect girl’s identity, girl’s name had been removed from the images.

Girl is true Ram and Hanuman devotees, after reading her story you will truly appreciate her gut feelings for Shri Ram and Sanatan Dharma.


Girl and her family didn’t know much about YDS swaminarayan sampraday their rules and regulation, and she was naive. Swaminarayan family acted nice for marriage, but after 2nd day of the marriage, they started showing their true color. Swaminarayan family asked girl to give up onion and garlic; Hindu scriptures say main reason to give up Onion and Garlic is to avoid being ‘Taamsic (Tamo Gunn)’. Read on to see why swaminarayan families are tamasic even after giving up Onion and Garlic.


At times when girl needed her husband’s support, girl’s husband sided with his parents and didn’t say single word. Before marriage, girl’s husband and her in-laws said, “they’re okay with praying to Shri Ram”, but after marriage situation changed, in-laws and husband started forcing swaminarayan rituals on the girl. Girl couldn’t keep up with their families, and she asked for divorce.

Girl returned back to her parents house; later on her in-laws came with poker face convinced the girl to come with them. Yet again her in-laws agreed with “praying to Shri Ram”. Now swaminarayan families typical ideology came into the play, this swaminarayan family started acting nice, and girl thought everything must be okay now. Soon they had baby, now girl has 2 month old baby, after delivery, in-laws and husband started forcing their swaminarayan rituals on the girl AGAIN.


Even for 2 month old baby, this swaminarayan family brought ‘mala’, which is ruthless, for a kid who doesn’t understand anything, they’re forcing their swaminarayan rituals on the kid Girl is still at her parent’s home, she doesn’t want to go back and live with her in-laws.

Girl asked for a help from us, but our hands are tied in this matter, and we couldn’t do anything. We were so sorry to hear her story, this swaminarayan family ruined the life of the girl, she agreed to publishing her story, cause it could save someone else’s life. Due to different circumstances, we understand our human’s hands are short and cannot reach everyone, but ‘Hey mara natha’  your hands can reach everyone (ajanbhuj), why would you allow such a thing!! I’m pretty sure, it is doing of Shri Ram that girl was able to find us on facebook; we will try to spread her message to as many as possible.

It is lesson for all non-swaminarayan families to never marry your daughter in swaminarayan families; cause as we can see above how they force their swaminarayan rituals on the girl.

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  1. I don’t agreed with story ! Hindu swaminarayan drama is our religion and we must proud of it and respect in public !


  2. YDS and BAPS both have a different ideology so please don’t compare , in BAPS there is no dress code.I born and raise in BAPS family , I follow BAPS but my younger brother don’t my parents never force him


  3. We all come from jyoti light shivlingams are proofs they are acyually jyotilingams swaminarayan is 142 years old is one form of jyoti from sanatan.


  4. I don’t agree at all. I have married to a member of Yogi Divine Society’s and he is a Swaminarayan follower. Before marriage I was aware of his fixed dress code, all rules and regulations like no onion and no garlic etc. But one thing was also clearly told that these rules and regulations are not imposed on me. If you feel comfortable following this it’s ok but if you are not, it’s completely alright. It’s almost more than 4 years of my marriage. I have a one year old daughter. But never experienced any such things neither from my husband nor from my in laws.
    In our Ghar Mandir, I have kept all devotees murti like mata ji, ganesh ji Lakshmi ji Shiv lingam etc… We also have lord swaminarayan and guruprampara murti in the Ghar Mandir. Neither myself nor my in law family members have any problem. We celebrate Krishna Janmashtami also and we celebrate shivratri also, I do keep fasting during Navratri also and we also celebrate all swaminarayan festivals also. And I have been never forced to do this all. And I eat onion and garlic also.

    In another way if I see, I am thankful that I got married to a Swaminarayan guy, because now in 4 years I have realised they are very serious about the principles of lord swaminarayan, they don’t have any addiction in their life. They never say bad to any one. They accept all. We visit all temples also. So I don’t find any problem in considering Swaminarayan as a Sanatan Sanstha. It is.
    I really appreciate Swaminarayan Sect.


    1. Well maybe they haven’t forced anything on you, but they clearly affected your brains and it can be seen in your writing.

      Just look at your writing on how your refer swaminarayan and how you refer our Sanatan Dharma’s god; and that is where us Sanatan Dharma have problem.

      You can call swaminarayan joker or whatever and no problem with that, but don’t show our gods puny to your swaminarayan!!


  5. Please don’t defame any god or any religion. It is the people who categories, not god.
    God is one, may call him by any name.
    Jay Swaminarayan 🙏
    Jay Shree Krishna 🙏
    Jay Shree Ram🙏
    Jst keep faith n believe the ultimate God.


  6. All lies of the Swaminarayan Swami’s must be bought out in public, out of four walls of their Disney World type temples… Most Swami’s try to preach and spread hatred towards non believers of their lies… they have become like Maulvis of Madrassas. Time for RSS,VHP and all Hindus to speak up against their wrong doing. God Bless All. Jay Shree Ram, Jay Mataji, Har Har Mahadev, Jay Swami Narayan = Hail Lord Narayan,

    Here is link to original handwritten Shikshapatri by Pandeyji, It was given to Britisher and is in UK.


  7. A new generation, smart, educated, knowledgeable DAUGTHER, should teach the uneducated family.

    BAPS started 100-years ago to make MONEY. BAPS never talks about original 6-Temples of KRISHNA which ghansyam_pandey has established. BAPS never keeps original SHIKSHAPATRI which was handwritten by Swami-Ji-Narayan.

    Shikshapatri verse 1: I, Sahajananda Swami, within my heart, meditate and worship Lord KRISHNA, whose left Radha is standing by, on whose right side resides Lakshmi.

    Shikshapatri Verse-99: The tenth and fifth skanda of Srimad Bhagvad shall and the Yagnavalkya Smruti shall be treated as My favorite Bhakti shastras, Yoga shastras and Dharmashastra respectively.

    Shikshapatri Verse-100 : Vyas–sutras and Shri Bhagvad Gita by Ramanujacharya shall be treated as my favorite Shastras.

    Shikshapatri verse 102 : DHARM means KRISHNA BHAKTI.

    Shikshapatri verse 103 : BHAKTI means KRISHNA’s LOVE.

    Shikshapatri verse 104 : VAIRAGAYA means KRISHNA’s attachment.

    Shikshapatri verse 105 : JIVA is AKSHAR (Non-Destructible) ATMA.

    Shikshapatri verse 106 : MAYA is KRISHNA’s Shakti.

    Shikshapatri verse 108 : KRISHNA is PARAM-BRAHM (Nirrakaar form).

    Shikshapatri verse 108 : KRISHNA is PURUSHTTOM (SUPREME Sakaar form).

    Shikshapatri verse 108 : KRISHNA is BHAGWAN.


    Shikshapatri verse 109 : KRISHNA is NAR-NARAYAN.

    Shikshapatri verse 111/112 : Lord Krishna has infinite forms. He can be show with/without Radha, with 2-hands, with 4-hands, with 1008-hands and with Infinite hands.

    Shikshapatri verse 113 : Whole Universe should pray to KRISHNA. There’s no other Salvation.

    Shikshapatri verse 114: Biggest AIM of life should be “KRISHNA’s Bhakti and Satsang about KRISHNA” .

    Shikshapatri verse 115 : Never worship any SOULS (AKSHAR).

    Shikshapatri verse 116 : Worship Lord Krishna, by first connecting SOUL with the Brahm (Matter).

    Shikshapatri verse 117 : To understand supreme lord KRISHNA, read 10th-contos of Srimad Bhawat everyday (or atleast once a year).

    Shikshapatri verse 121: GOLAK is SUPREME DHAM, and is AKSHAR (Non-destructible).

    Shikshapatri verse 130/131 : I, Sahajananda Swami have created 6-temple of lord KRISHNA and his various forms (lke Laxmi-Narayan). Follow proper ceremonies to worship Lord Krishna in these temples. Anyone visiting these Krishna’s temple should be offered Food and Grains.

    Shikshapatri verse 147: Donate 10% of your income in name of KRISHNA to build Krishna’s temples.

    Shikshapatri verse 212 : May Lord Shri KRISHNA, Destroy all miseries, Protect Bhakti with Dharma and Give desired happiness to all.

    All Important Shikshapatri verses are here:

    Spread the original teaching of Ghashyam Pandey!!


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