Never marry your daughter in Swaminaryan family

Recently, girl contacted our facebook group with her story regarding swaminarayan sampraday, Yogi Divine Society (YDS), which is run by Hari Prasad Swami located at Sokhada.
YDS was separated from BAPS, but has the same ideology of BAPS. Below images portrays her ruined life in swaminarayan family. To protect girl’s identity, girl’s name had been removed from the images.

Girl is true Ram and Hanuman devotees, after reading her story you will truly appreciate her gut feelings for Shri Ram and Sanatan Dharma.


Girl and her family didn’t know much about YDS swaminarayan sampraday their rules and regulation, and she was naive. Swaminarayan family acted nice for marriage, but after 2nd day of the marriage, they started showing their true color. Swaminarayan family asked girl to give up onion and garlic; Hindu scriptures say main reason to give up Onion and Garlic is to avoid being ‘Taamsic (Tamo Gunn)’. Read on to see why swaminarayan families are tamasic even after giving up Onion and Garlic.


At times when girl needed her husband’s support, girl’s husband sided with his parents and didn’t say single word. Before marriage, girl’s husband and her in-laws said, “they’re okay with praying to Shri Ram”, but after marriage situation changed, in-laws and husband started forcing swaminarayan rituals on the girl. Girl couldn’t keep up with their families, and she asked for divorce.

Girl returned back to her parents house; later on her in-laws came with poker face convinced the girl to come with them. Yet again her in-laws agreed with “praying to Shri Ram”. Now swaminarayan families typical ideology came into the play, this swaminarayan family started acting nice, and girl thought everything must be okay now. Soon they had baby, now girl has 2 month old baby, after delivery, in-laws and husband started forcing their swaminarayan rituals on the girl AGAIN.


Even for 2 month old baby, this swaminarayan family brought ‘mala’, which is ruthless, for a kid who doesn’t understand anything, they’re forcing their swaminarayan rituals on the kid Girl is still at her parent’s home, she doesn’t want to go back and live with her in-laws.

Girl asked for a help from us, but our hands are tied in this matter, and we couldn’t do anything. We were so sorry to hear her story, this swaminarayan family ruined the life of the girl, she agreed to publishing her story, cause it could save someone else’s life. Due to different circumstances, we understand our human’s hands are short and cannot reach everyone, but ‘Hey mara natha’  your hands can reach everyone (ajanbhuj), why would you allow such a thing!! I’m pretty sure, it is doing of Shri Ram that girl was able to find us on facebook; we will try to spread her message to as many as possible.

It is lesson for all non-swaminarayan families to never marry your daughter in swaminarayan families; cause as we can see above how they force their swaminarayan rituals on the girl.

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  1. Mr Anand you are true, bhagwan swaminarayan has written all this about lord shri krishna in Shikshapatri.
    During those time it was difficult for him to make people understand that he is GoD himself so it was used in that reference. There are countless other scriptures where he has written he is fountain head of all the avtaars and purn purshottam Narayan himself …so now will you belive those ?
    You should understand the reference used in what context before opening your mouth..


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