Best Auto Insurance companies in San Francisco

Auto Insurance Companies in San Francisco

Car Insurance rates in San Francisco are at sky high level. San Francisco is one of the most expensive cities in the California and US to live in, and with every Car accidents Car Insurance goes up in San Francisco. With the crazy traffic, you never know when you might be involved in Car Accidents; it is best for you and your family to be prepared with best Car Insurance San Francisco has to offer. As per June 2018, you would be surprised to know, it costs on average $1699 a year which is $37 higher California average. Let’s look at some of the best car insurance price and what do they do offer. (Below analysis is for full coverage Car Insurance meaning liability plus collision and comprehensive insurance)

Best Auto Insurance Companies

The least expensive auto insurance goes to Century National. At century national driver age of 30 was quoted $1,104 per year for full coverage insurance.

Rank Car Insurance Company Average Annual Rate
1 Century National $1104
2 GEICO $1126
3 Nationwide $1212
4 Grange $1428
5 State Farm $1572
6 Progressive $1637
7 Unitrin $1704
8 Allied $1824
9 Kemper Speciality $2436
10 Bristol West $2952

What is cheap, doesn’t always means the best! Different people have different opinion when deciding the best. GEICO is the most convenient company in San Francisco, California when dealing with Car Insurance. It is very easy to set up only insurance with GEICO; also if you want to switch fro different car insurance company, GEICO will make that process painless. GEICO also offers 15% discount for eligible USAA person.

If you drive less than 7,500 miles per year then Metromile may be best for you. Metromile also offers Pay-Per-Mile Insurance which is based on how much you drive. Besides Pay-Per-Mile, Metromile also offers Per-Mile-rate which 3.2 cents for every 500 miles driven and Base Rate of $30.00. In total, you can get insurance as low as $46 per month; but conditions vary with driver.


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