Facebook AD Campaign (May 20 – May 21).


Another biggest campaign done on facebook. We had numerous likes and shares. It tells us that people are aware of swaminarayan sampraday’s activity, but they don’t find a voice to act with. With $5 budget, we reached 10148 people. Many comments, likes and shares. If you like to contribute for the cause, you can donate below.


Vishnu Sahastra Namavali | 1000 names of Vishnu | 1000 names of Narayan


शान्ताकारं भुजगशयनं पद्मनाभं सुरेशं
विश्वाधारं गगनसदृशं मेघवर्ण शुभाङ्गम् ।
लक्ष्मीकान्तं कमलनयनं योगिभिर्ध्यानगम्यम्
वन्दे विष्णुं भवभयहरं सर्वलोकैकनाथम् ॥