Part 2: Lavish Lifestyle of swaminarayan sadhus in Video & Picture.

Incredible India where sadhus loot people in the name of the god. These swaminarayan people will ask poor man or man with no food donate; yet they live huge life. Shame on them.

Pictures have been provided by someone I trust. If you have any pictures or video to share; don’t hesitate to contact us.



21 thoughts on “Part 2: Lavish Lifestyle of swaminarayan sadhus in Video & Picture.

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  1. If you have the courage and audacity to explore the true lifestyle of these saints you are attacking, I dare you to visit a real Swaminarayan Mandir! As an educated, and well versed devotee of the Swaminarayan faith, I want to point out that one picture hardly proves anything! Lavish??? Do you know who is on the other side of that iPad??? Defamation of character is serious… check your sources. Check your intentions before you attack innocent saints! If you care to know who you’re attacking:


      1. This molested girl story was proven to be falsified, if you do not know the whole facts then simply educate yourself on the matter. Get a grip yourself!


  2. Blind bhakts…. You can’t fight with them. You can only run from them!

    Whatever is the truth, these blind bhakts will come in army to defend their ‘God’ in form of ‘Guru’.

    I don’t comment on stuff like this, but sorry I cannot be a blind bhakt and hope to attain moksha after dying by making these people richer and richer everyday by begging for money for them!

    After all, we all have been given a wonderful gift. It’s called a brain.

    Why not use it to judge ourselves that are we really doing something right or is someone just making use of us to become rich, to satisfy their lavish lifestyles by giving us carrot on a stick? That is, give the innocents the promise of eternity in paradise after death (whatever the truth) and meanwhile, we’ll live like kings in private jets and eating 50 different dishes everyday.


    1. It looks like you have been to bitter side of it.

      Can I please request you to share your story? It may inspire more people or give them wake up call.


  3. May god bless you all! I urge to study well before posting anything about anyone do not trust other know or study by yourself. It is like when you are poor your father stays in “Zupadi” and when you become rich with your hard work you will say i will keep my father there only because of simplicity. These all wordly desire and materials is offered to them however they did not want it they have travelled in badad gada, autorickshaw and all. for them everything is same.


    1. You’re referring they should be called as modern sadhu and not just any ordinary sadhu. Cause my definition of sadhu is who lives simple life like Gandhiji. I consider Gandhiji as a sadhu.


  4. First of all, not all swaminarayan sampradays are like these. Just to let you know there are genuine sampradays in which saints have truly left the materialistic world. So stop hating you hater.


  5. Sorry but there is no difference in the words of Rishi and Muni. And Kosal does not equal Ayodhya it is a Kingdom, the last time I checked a kingdom is not confined to a city, present-day Kosal is the equivalent to the Awadh region. Dharmadev was what Hariprasad Pande was known as. Get your facts right!


    1. Rishi and Muni, same. Well done. I can have same analogy with Raavan and swaminarayan sadhus!! As Sita Ji didn’t know raavan was disguised as sadhu; similarly your swaminarayan sadhu are disguised and never know when they jump on women or 15 year old boy!!

      Be happy with it.

      Jay Shri Krishna 🙂


  6. I have evidence that Swaminarayan is God and what you are saying is worthy of going straight to hell as Jig puts it.


      1. In the Vasudev Mahatmya of the Skand Puran Chapter 18, Verse 43 it states “In Kosala-desa on the earth I will be born as Narayana Rsi, the son of Dharma.” – This is from an authentic scripture published by ISKCON. Swaminarayan was the son of Dharmadev and was given the name of Narayan Muni/Rishi.


      2. I already knew you would post this. For your kind information, it says Narayan Muni and not rishi. There is difference of 4 heaven in muni and rishi and it is Kosal another word for Kosal is Ayodhya. Your swawminarayan wasn’t from ayodhya he was chappaiya which 40 km outside ayodhya and plus son of dharma and swamianrayan father name was hariprasad.

        It is all made up fancy wonderland story that you people like to believe.

        And I know who you’re, but I’m still entertaining your question.

        Jay Shri Krishna.


    1. Wish we had more people like us. Gujarati are naive and they’re using people just so thier called guru can live lavishly. And it is not just a one; there is whole gang who fly in different jets


  7. What a bunch of fakes! All swaminarayan idiots are going straight to HELL! They have no Vedic foundation, made a fake god, made it into a business tycoon and live greedy and lusty lives.
    BAPS followers especially are the worst and I hope each and every one of them goes straight to HELL! They are disgusting materialistic people who are envious of the greatest, purest and only Supreme, Purna Purshottam Bhagavan Sri Krishna (Sri Ramachandra).

    P.S. BAPS has written under sahajanand doll: “purna pursottam bhagavan swaminarayan.” FAKE!


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