Beautiful Mahabharat paintings painted by Italian painter

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Mahabharat- Shri Krishna | Krishna wallapaper
Krishna at Kurukshetra
Mahabharat wallpaper
Mahabharat wallpaper | Krishna Wallpaper
Arjun and Duryodhan by Krishna’s side
Krishna and Arjun | Krishna Wallpaper
Krishna and Arjun at Kurukshetra
Mahabharat: Kunti with karna
Kunti with Karna
mahabharat wallpaper
Pandav discussing war tactics
Mahabharat: Bhim and Hanuman
Bhim trying to lift Hanuman Ji’s tail
Mahabharat: Krishna Hastinapur | Krishna Wallpaper
Krishna with Pandavs at Hastinapur

mahabharat wallpaperIMG-20180310-WA0026.jpg

Mahabharat: Pandavs
Pandavs returning to Hastinapur from 13 years exile
Mahabharat: abhimanyu
Abhimanyu surrounded by Kauravs
Mahabharat Battle: Karna
Karna trying to lift wheel of his chariot
Mahabharat: Kunti and Draupadi
Draupadi meeting Kunti
Mahabharat: Bhism at Kurushetra
Bhism at Kurushetra
Mahabharat: Dwarka
Krishna with Balaram at Dwarka
Mahabharat Pictures
Mahabharat: Pandav playing shatrang with Shakuni
mahabhrat: Bhism
Mahabharat: Krishna Shisupal
Krishna cutting of Shisupal’s head
Giampaolo Tomassetti
Person who painted amazing Mahabharat Paintings.

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