Who is greater from Vishnu or Shiva? Answer is both.

For some superstitious Hindu, it is a very puzzling to decide who is greater from Vishnu or Shiva. Already many debates took place to decide superiority of Vishnu and Mahesh, but in this article with references from Shiva Puran, I prove that both Shiva and Vishnu are equal.Shiva describes the following in the Shiva Puran regarding Lord Vishnu.

ममैव् ह्दये विष्णुविष्णोष्च ह्दये ह्यहम् ।
उभयोरन्तरं यो वै न जानाति मतो मम ॥

(Shiv Puran, RudraSamhita, Chapter: 9, slock: 55-56)

Meaning: Vishnu resides in my heart, and I resides in Vishnu’s heart; those who doesn’t see any difference in Vishnu and myself (Shiva) is close to me. True follower of the Hinduism will not find any difference between Vishnu and Shiva, and yet he/she will always pray Vishnu and Shiva equally.

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Hinduism since the start of Satya Yug always considered Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh equally. In last 10 years, swaminarayan sansthas from Gujarat has considered swaminarayan as supreme of all the gods, they consider Vishnu, Shiva and any others god as just a dev. These swaminarayan sansthas are misguiding people of Gujarat, swaminarayan sansthas have divided true Sanatan Dharma in Gujarat, swaminarayan followers will never say ‘Jai Shri Krishna’ or ‘Om Namah Shivay’.

To conclude, true Vishnu’s and Shiva’s followers shouldn’t discuss superiority, but they should lead to educate people of fake/false god that are always brewing in India.

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  1. Sanatan Dharm is very simple and very deep.

    Brahma-Ved (Universe/Glaxies creation & its knowlege, think it as positive ION of battery)

    Hari-Narayan (Ram, Krishna, etc, think it as material-cells of battery)

    Shiv-OM (Energy of Universe, Ganesh, Hanuman, Sun, Moon, Himalaya, Ganges, Meditation, Male-Female energy, think it as negative ION of battery)

    Krishna’s Virat-Roop showed all above as ONE single entity.


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