Wise Thought

जग में सुन्दर है दो नाम,
चाहे कृष्ण कहो या राम

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  1. Yes! These 2 Names are the ONLY means for spiritual prosperity. They are the only ways to achieve liberation, back to the only Supreme Personality of Godhead, Lord Sri Krishna and Lord Sri Ramachandra.

    By considering these 2 names, what to speak of their murtis, teachings and lilas as inferior or placed for the purpose of attracting visitors to temples (as BAPS is doing), they will never be liberated and willl continue to circle the life and death cycle blindly as they are following blind leaders. On top of this, they are committing sins despite following rules such as no meat eating, etc.

    Also, they are using Sri Tulsi as logo for Shayona. Tell me how Tulsi is at all connected. To swaminarayan (I made it separate sentence because it is digusting to put to our swaminarayan in same sentence).

    As Mahatma Gandhi said in his last breath, “Jay Sri Rama.” Not, swamifakebapsnarayan.


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