BAPS Pramukh Swami Message about Shri Krishna

Recently BAPS has published messaged regarding pramukh swami. Long time standing BAPS organization who has been following swaminarayan, published a new message, written in Gujarati, that asks all devotees to pray Shri Krishna and Shri Ram.


BAPS is celebrating today (Nov 27 2017) 97th birthday of Pramukh Swami in Anand, Gujarat, India. Just before the celebration, BAPS published image about asking people to pray Shri Krishna. If BAPS changed it`s stand, then it would remarkable.

More to follow.


46 thoughts on “BAPS Pramukh Swami Message about Shri Krishna

  1. Maybe it’s just me, but from what I’ve noticed, Vadtal sect of Swaminarayan does respect Lord Krishna and other avatars, unlike BAPS (which is why Vadtal sect is kinda in cold war with BAPS because Vadtal says they follow what Swaminarayan said, instead of making things up like BAPS).

    BAPS only preach and follow their own idols instead of other avatars, so maybe that’s why they’re not easily able to integrate with everyone – if you ask a common Gujarathi.

    Again, this is from my own observation.


      1. I was invited to a gujarati function hosted by baps people. One very cocky misguided and shrewed gujarati baps woman wearing baps name tag told me in a disgusting attitude straight to my face, “there should be no Jai Sri Krishna said here, only jai swaminarayan.” I immediately left and flipped her off. And people want me to spend the rest of my life with that?!?!


      2. My family also receive invitation from baps people, but only my parents they attend. In return, they tell my parents why didn’t your kids come? My parents always give some witty answer. There is one good thing my family learned from them. As soon as these sampradaic people see you, they always take their fake god name, we started doing the same, as soon as we see them, before they utter any word, we say Jai Shri Krishna. These people are pest, if someone from India visits you, they ask you 100 times to visit their temple; but my family always firm on answer.

        But this won’t last forever. Grown swaminarayan followers in US or Canada are always pushy for everything, but new generation, they feel ashamed to do any of that, and that will be their downfall. I can’t wait to see that day.


  2. BAPS is doomed! Without any true foundation, it can never expand. The truth always comes out and baps is based on a complete lie.

    Look at this video:
    They show Lord Krishna and Hanumanji involved in the lilas of swaminarayan. Since time has passed, people have no proof, so the lies and fake stories continue…but as swamydsp has said, this will not last because the new generation baps is ASHAMED!!!!

    Look at that video and tell me how any of this is true!!


    1. This is nonsense. Showing other gods praying swaminarayan that is what hurts me the most.
      All swaminarayan followers can call him a god, in fact they can create their own religion which is still fine. But don’t show that other gods follow him or other gods are puny. By calling him sarvopari or supreme, they are proving Hinduism wrong, where Hinduism always considered Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh for everything that is on earth.


  3. Man, that is a big claim. I haven’t said anything to you. In fact, I’m saying, I’m everything you describe me.

    What is your problem man? Why do you keep coming back? What is your purpose? I’m happy with what I have, even this blog, why are you so jealous?
    May be jealousy is in the root of all swaminarayan sampraday? For example, if you consider this, swaminarayan has many temples in Gujarat, but much lesser than Hanuman Ji’s temple. Even the temple you have, no body visits them, since nobody were visiting them that why you created museum such as akshardham or what not.. haha..
    I have 1 more point of jealousy, see when Morari Bapu doing Ram Katha, Morari Bapu doesn’t have to go and tell people to visit, people just keep flowing in their katha, but when you swaminarayan people have sabhas or what not, you call people 100 times to come to their sabha.. haha… I cant laugh any more..

    Do whatever you want to do, but be happy!!


  4. It is written in Shikshapatri that, KRSNA is brahma & ParamBrahma …Do worship to only KRSNA..But BAPS never talking about ShikshaPatri…

    Jai ShriKRSNA



    1. This is good. .. I cann’t believe how far this site has reached. We’re reaching new people everyday, but it is not enough. Need to more and more gujaratis and indians. BAPS is all made of money, once there is decline in money their feet will tremble. THank you for the links Anand.


  5. Sanatan Dharm is very simple and very deep.

    Brahma-Ved (Universe/Glaxies creation & its knowlege, think it as positive ION of battery)

    Hari-Narayan (Ram, Krishna, etc, think it as material-cells of battery)

    Shiv-OM (Energy of Universe, Ganesh, Hanuman, Sun, Moon, Himalaya, Ganges, Meditation, Male-Female energy, think it as negative ION of battery)

    Krishna’s Virat-Roop showed all above as ONE single entity.

    Ghanshyam Pandey (Swaminarayan) made 7-TEMPLES in his life time and those 7-TEMPLE were of Krishna.
    Temple-1 : Krishna with Rukhmani
    Temple-2 : Krishna with LAXMI
    Temple-3 : Krishna with Hanuman Monkey Sena,
    Temple-4 : Krishna-dualform of Nar-Narayan

    Ghanshyam Pandey (Swaminarayan) wrote 2-books (Shikshapatri and VachnaAmrut) .

    BRITISH LIBARARY ORIGINAL SHIKSHAPATRI: Thanks Britisher who SAVED it AS-IS else swami’s manipulation is prime business,639&act=chunit&unit=108

    Shree Kutch Satsang Swaminarayan Temple London


    BAPS manipulated Shikshapatri, MISSING VERSE-108,

    BAPS Swami’s are NO less than Ravan/Kansh/Hirankashyap who doesn’t understand Narayan.


  6. Gay Swaminarayan, Pramukh-Gay-PramukhSwami,

    Aarti Gay SadGuru Swami,

    Gay Sadguru Swāmī, Prabhu Gay Sadguru Swāmī
    Sahajānand Gayāḷū (X2), Baḷavant Bahunāmī… Gay Sadguru Swāmī

    Charana-Saroj Tamārā, (Gay Vandu Karjoḍi), Gay Prabhu Vandu Karjoḍi
    Charane Gay, Shīsh Dhāryathī (X2), Dukh Nākhya Toḍi… Gay Sadguru Swāmī


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