1. Pandeyji is present all the time in Mahant Swami? Is Pandeyji ghost??? 😉 I thought BAPS does not believe in Ghost and Bhoot


  2. Samp and Samjan are new brands of these Swamis to fool innocent bhakts. Is these Swamis keep fighting with each other for money and position, and keep dividing into different sect like BAPS, Kalupur,Vadtal, Bhuj etc, where is there Samp & Samjan?


  3. You say that they are brainwashed into donating but do you think they are really that stupid? The people that donate know exactly where their money is going, and are more than happy to spend their money on the true ekantik sant. You have all come to conclusions without first understanding the facts. His holiness mahant Swami maharaj feels no need for all these things, yet he wears them and uses them to make his devotees happy and also give them prasad. Yet, he still does not care for the money that those donate towards him. In the shikspatri it clearly states that sadhus cannot carry money and therefore they don’t. There are countless prasangs where they refuse money and instead find value in true satsang. A personal example, I wrote a letter to Swamishri that I felt bad that my low income family could not donate to help in the construction of akshardham. The response I got was that there is no need to collect money, and I should instead worry about helping grow my own wealth and then only if I wished I could donate. Mahant Swami himself has said, we no longer require your money, all we need now is samp in order to help keep all of satsang together as one. So friend, before you go and make fake accusations, and try to slander the name of someone, I humbly suggest that you do some research, and take a look at the sacrifice our gurus have made and the words they have spoken before coming to conclusions.
    Jay Swaminarayan


    • You’re living in lies, you people forcefully ask others for donation and I have seen it with my eyes. You said it yourself, “We no longer require money”, but when money was needed you were begging for it. I don’t need to do any research, and this site has reached so many people, that people with their personal stories coming to us.

      No need to comment twice, it is worthless to argue with you. It is better to educate 4 people about greedy BAPS.


    • JOKE of the the day : “The people that donate know exactly where their money is going, and are more than happy to spend their money on the true ekantik sant”

      Did BAPS taught any of below ??? Those who donate are brain washed from childhood and are never taught original information

      BAPS started 100-years ago to make MONEY. BAPS never talks about original 6-Temples of KRISHNA which ghansyam_pandey has established. BAPS never keeps original SHIKSHAPATRI which was handwritten by Swami-Ji-Narayan.

      Shikshapatri verse 1: I, Sahajananda Swami, within my heart, meditate and worship Lord KRISHNA, whose left Radha is standing by, on whose right side resides Lakshmi.

      Shikshapatri Verse-99: The tenth and fifth skanda of Srimad Bhagvad shall and the Yagnavalkya Smruti shall be treated as My favorite Bhakti shastras, Yoga shastras and Dharmashastra respectively.

      Shikshapatri Verse-100 : Vyas–sutras and Shri Bhagvad Gita by Ramanujacharya shall be treated as my favorite Shastras.

      Shikshapatri verse 102 : DHARM means KRISHNA BHAKTI.

      Shikshapatri verse 103 : BHAKTI means KRISHNA’s LOVE.

      Shikshapatri verse 104 : VAIRAGAYA means KRISHNA’s attachment.

      Shikshapatri verse 105 : JIVA is AKSHAR (Non-Destructible) ATMA.

      Shikshapatri verse 106 : MAYA is KRISHNA’s Shakti.

      Shikshapatri verse 108 : KRISHNA is PARAM-BRAHM (Nirrakaar form).

      Shikshapatri verse 108 : KRISHNA is PURUSHTTOM (SUPREME Sakaar form).

      Shikshapatri verse 108 : KRISHNA is BHAGWAN.


      Shikshapatri verse 109 : KRISHNA is NAR-NARAYAN.

      Shikshapatri verse 111/112 : Lord Krishna has infinite forms. He can be show with/without Radha, with 2-hands, with 4-hands, with 1008-hands and with Infinite hands.

      Shikshapatri verse 113 : Whole Universe should pray to KRISHNA. There’s no other Salvation.

      Shikshapatri verse 114: Biggest AIM of life should be “KRISHNA’s Bhakti and Satsang about KRISHNA” .

      Shikshapatri verse 115 : Never worship any SOULS (AKSHAR).

      Shikshapatri verse 116 : Worship Lord Krishna, by first connecting SOUL with the Brahm (Matter).

      Shikshapatri verse 117 : To understand supreme lord KRISHNA, read 10th-contos of Srimad Bhawat everyday (or atleast once a year).

      Shikshapatri verse 121: GOLAK is SUPREME DHAM, and is AKSHAR (Non-destructible).

      Shikshapatri verse 130/131 : I, Sahajananda Swami have created 6-temple of lord KRISHNA and his various forms (lke Laxmi-Narayan). Follow proper ceremonies to worship Lord Krishna in these temples. Anyone visiting these Krishna’s temple should be offered Food and Grains.

      Shikshapatri verse 147: Donate 10% of your income in name of KRISHNA to build Krishna’s temples.

      Shikshapatri verse 212 : May Lord Shri KRISHNA, Destroy all miseries, Protect Bhakti with Dharma and Give desired happiness to all.

      All Important Shikshapatri verses are here:



  4. First they ask for donations for bricks, then stone, and they keep going till it’s time to make a good murti. Specifically gold from US followers. Then bapa uses his slow cunning fox voice to brainwash them into donating for a good cause and a way to go to akshardham. I too was once a baps follower. I converted from ramanandi to swami but I have realized the truth of these goons. Don’t blindly donate to them. They are trying to erase Ram and Krishna. This is what they indirectly teach on Sundays. Think twice before you donate.


  5. First of all You dont Donate – to any Swaminaryan temples.– you dont go close to them ..
    Then why you have to worry about where they spend it.
    100% money donated in Swaminarayan comes from donation from Satsangi Families,
    which really dont care about your bull shit..

    Try to find facts about Vaishnav’s who do have the same life style and where you donate you money..
    This are just couple, of the pictures, Internet is full of this ideas, let me know if you need more..


    • Yes, I don’t donate and if I talk to anyone I tell them to not donate. And 100% money donated comes from satsangi families, then you’re lying here.
      Each and every gujarati knows how money is generated. It is by forcefully asking others to donate, and You people use the term called ‘Ugarani’.

      What is done can never be undone, what is not done can be preserved. When I created this time I was hoping to change people’s mind, but now with this site, people are not your followers, hoping they stay away from you people..


      • Each and every Gujarati? Well, am hearing this for the first time. Swami is in a plane. So what? Do u expect him to travel From India to Africa to America by swimming? Use you brains man!


  6. To be honest, I know from a friend that some of their sadhus would ‘lend’ you money on some interest rates and also help you buy some land deals.

    Swaminarayan are not supposed to touch money but here, the story is different.

    Regarding that lifestyle in pictures, yes it’s true and because of my friend there, once I had a chance to visit a room where sadhus live. Guess what I found there? Japanese toilet with auto controls! Heated seats, 5/6 different buttons with different controls, auto water flush and what not! These guys are using money like no tomorrow in the name of religion.

    I would say donating blindly there is utter foolishness. Instead, there are tons of people who don’t even have money to wed their daughters or even more, who can’t even eat once a day. Help them instead!


    • Well thank you for your comment. You and I and all anti-swaminarayan people can talk all day about these fake greedy corrupted sampradays, but what can we do!!

      We know they are fake, but somehow we need to bring it to the public. I suggest that you go visit again, but with hidden camera!!

      I can’t stand these people, I don’t even go close to their temple.


    • Well thank you for your comment. You and I and all anti-swaminarayan people can talk all day about these fake greedy corrupted sampradays, but what can we do!!

      We know they are fake, but somehow we need to bring it to the public. I suggest that you go visit again, but with hidden camera!!

      I can’t stand these people, I don’t even go close to their temple.


    • Donating blindly is folliness.
      So, go and know deeply what is BAPS and what do they do?
      Check it personaaly, don’t rely on this kind of website guy (standagainstswaminarayan).
      Wise person understands what is right and what is wrong.
      By the way, in the time of Ram, there were very few people who understood and accepted ‘RAM’ as God. e.g. Vibhisan. On other side, there were many people (Ravan, many local people of ayodhya like dhodhi who asked Ram to force seeta to do agni-pariksha).
      Similarly, yadavo (vansh of krishna) could not understand and accept krishna as GOD and they did follow krishna’s instructions. And so, the whole yadav kul destroyed themselves in drinking alcohol and fighting each other. But pandavos understood him and so they were benefited a lot. Again, kauravos were also in touch with krishna during the same time as pandavs. But Kauravs did not accept him as god and did not follow krishna’s instructions (aadesh). So, all 100 kauravs lost their life and became very very unhappy.

      In short, similarly, if you understand and accept swaminarayan as GOD (after knowing deeply, not from upper side, be neutral first, and then try to understand) then you will be get benefited. Else you will loose your great human life, time as kauravs did during krishna’s time.

      for your info, BAPS is different then other swaminarayan sansthas.
      And swaminarayan bhagwan is present all time in Mahant Swami maharaj (BAPS).
      If you do darshan of him and know his life in actual then you will understand.
      Don’t go blindly by pictures and others words of mouse.

      Jai Swaminarayan!!!


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