1. Please read “Criticism” section


    Several decades after formation of the Arya Samaj movement, Swami Dayananda (1824–1883) questioned the acceptance of Swaminarayan as the Supreme Being and disapproving towards the idea that visions of Swaminarayan could form a path to attaining perfection.[15] Swaminarayan was criticized because he received large gifts from his followers and dressed and traveled as a Maharaja even though he had taken the vows of renunciation of the world.[16] Accused of deviating from the Vedas, his followers were criticized for the illegal collection of wealth and the “practice of frauds and tricks.” In the views of Swami Dayananda, it was a “historical fact” that Swaminarayan decorated himself as Narayana in order to gain followers.


    “The tilak (mark of the followers of Sahajanand) and the topi (a hat worn by the British) came to Gujarat together, and they will disappear together.”



  2. they build temples of crores for their lord sculptures
    my lord shiva lives in smashan not in crores Temple
    swminarayan is real one of the name of lord vishnu
    and here have bhajan also

    in our hindu dharma 3 gods is Superior
    lord Bramha,Vishnu,Shiva
    and sadhus lives in jungle and mountains not in crores Temple
    brainwashed people


      • Today i went swaminarayan temple neasden LONDON. i attend yuva sabha. Give 100 of silly examples to pray current gaadipati mahant swami. Said good who goes to sanatan mandir don’t come here if they come here swaminarayan temple there is long queue for darshan mahant swami. Silly instead praying live god mahant swami they are praying 33 crores devta.
        They are brain washing peoples mind. Mark my word BAPS bubble is going to burst one day


    • Do you complain about mosques being built?

      No you don’t!

      Do you complain about cinemas or bars etc being built?

      No you don’t

      Do you complain about people using or wasting their money on going all over the world for 9 days of katha?

      No you don’t!

      A mandir, whosever it is should be rejoiced. All Swaminarayan Mandir’s hold regular weekly activities to help the youth, prevents them getting addicted to alcohol, tobacco etc.
      Promote family unity.

      Remove your “anti-Swaminarayan” glasses and the see world

      The teachings are as follows:

      100% nistha in your Isthadev
      Not to speak bad about others
      Seva for the mandir, those in need, and the community
      Plus much more

      The results count!


      • I totally agree. having temple and getting few people’s lives changed in good direction is worth more than crores.
        You cannot get a good life even you spend money. Temples teaches you the good values and good sanskars which i think is worth more.
        Also just beware of the person having this blog is anti religion as anyone who believes in any religion do not speak bad about any other religion. Also he is asking for donation and collecting money from diffrent people.
        Dont just read only one book(Sikshapatri), but read few books from swaminarayan religion and then come to conclusion.
        You cannot judge anyone just by reading few lines/ shlokas from one book.
        Dont waste time with this blogs and this person.



      • Oh Please. Don’t give me the lecture of Vegetarian, addiction and Speaking Bad for others.

        There is example above given by somebody I don’t. Read that first.

        If everyday sitting in their and saving all money; there wouldn’t be any economy or jobs.

        For successful economy, money needs to rotate. AND I heard this example many times.


      • Oh… so for you the money has to rotate in any way other than a Swaminarayan Mandir?

        What a load of rubbish!!!

        I have been to many other non-Swaminarayan Hindu events…too much money being used but that is ok?

        When you and other like you complain about Islam in your load and proud way?

        Go on, I dare you to have a website, a YouTube channel etc dedicated to that.

        Also, why hide?

        Pramukh Swami used to say… “unity and diversity is the strength of Hindu Sanatan Dharma” !

        You and others like you are clearly not able to help unit Hindus… very shameful.


      • Lol…This guy in name of Sanatam Dharma is preaching hatred to the world and claiming that he is enlightening with his fancy slokas. He comments about money and rich temples and in his own website he is asking for donation. As per Swaminarayan literature he is just limited to Shikshapatri. He spreads negativity and hurting someone’s belief and on other hand he says he is great devotee of Hanuman. Hinduism has so many literatures, believes, practices and Gods where practically you cannot generalize to one but still even after reading so many literatures this guy generalize Swaminarayan devotees the same. To comments here where you dont know/limitation of knowledge, you end up with vague arguments. Shame in name of Sanatan Dharma!

        P.S Peace!


  3. It is true that Swami Narayan is not God, but the fact that Chaitanya Mahaprabhu is Krishna himself is present in several Puranas, Upanisads. Dashavatar are only the prominent avatars. There are a total of 25 lila avatars, 3 guna avatars, and other incarnations like Saktyavesa avatars… These can be found in any authentic version of Srimad Bhagavatam. Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu is considered as Channa avatar. Past Vaishnava acharya – Srila Nammazhvar makes predictions about the advent of Mahaprabhu. Please get your factys correct before getting sarcastic about something.

    With no intention to offend you.,


    • This blog is not about Chaitanya Mahaprabhu nor it is my intention to write anything on Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. Is Chaitanya Mahaprabhu god? I don’t know, he wanted to spread Shri Krishna, Rama’s name, that is all I care…

      FYI; there are only 24 avatar described in Shreemad Bhagwatam….


    • Who the fuck are u??? Do u have any kind of written avoidance.. U liar or may be u are not hindu.hinduisum
      Is teaches that do not hurt anybody.but u fucking pussy mothwrfucker


    • Satyug, I will take birth as Dattatrey, In Tretayug, I will be Ram, In Dwapar I will be Krushna and in Kaliyug, I will be Son of Vrush (Vrushatmaj) – Hariprasad Pande and will be known as Swaminarayan.

      Bhramand Puran

      First read all scriptures


  4. Very nice and informative points. Swaminarayan never claimed that he is God. He always taught messages from Vedas, Bhagwat Puran and Geeta. He always spoke about Krishna as supreme lord and about Krishna bhakti.

    The only scripture he wrote by himself is Siksha Patri. And in that he repeatedly said that Krishna is the supreme lord and asked to do Krishna bhakti. But somehow, after he passed away, Sadhus of swaminarayan sampraday, came up with idea of making Swaminarayan as supreme lord and came up with Vachanmrut. This was done to retain all the financial and political powers gained during lifetime of Swaminarayana. Would you rather believe what Sawminarayan said himself or what Sadhus wrote after passing of Swaminarayana.

    Unfortunately, millions of Swaminarayan followers now believe in Vachanamruta (written by sadhus wanted to keep powers) over Siksha Patri. And in few decades time, they will leave Hinduism and form new religion. Its just matter of time. The same way Buddhists did 2500 years ago, Jains did 2000 years ago and Sikhs did 400 years ago.

    Instead of uniting Hinduism in this critical time, Saminarayan sampraday sadly dividing us.


    • Agreeing to what you have posted, I also came to same conclusion after reading the original Shiksha Patri which clearly says do bhakti of Lord Krishna and everything accordingly only for him.

      There were, however, a few points I would like to mention which are all described in the Srimad Bhagvatam already well before Swaminarayan existed:

      1. Lord Krishna is the supreme cause of all causes and source of all avatars.
      2. He descended only once in this universe and only avatars will follow until the destruction of this universe.
      3. There’s clearly a difference between an avatar and the source of all those avatars.
      4. Only His, Lord Vishnu’s (including avatars of Lord Ram and Lord Narsimha) and Lord Shiva’s abodes are above Maya. Strictly, all other demi gods are below Maya so people have to take rebirths if they go there.

      Now, there were a bit more points but let’s discuss only these for now.

      The astonishing thing here to note is, all Swaminarayan followers claim all those 4 points only belong to Swaminarayan. What I am trying to say is, remove words Lord Krishna and insert Swaminarayan in all the points mentioned above.

      This is what they’re preaching. Meaning, only Swaminarayan is the source of all avatars, only he’s the supreme being and all others are just demigods whose abodes are below Maya, only Swaminarayan descended for once and his avatars will follow and so on.

      Isn’t this amusing? Wait. It doesn’t end here.

      Moreover, the BAPS sect “educates” their kids by telling them that their guruji controls all these demigods – basically everyone else who is not Swaminarayan, including Lord Krishna.

      Well, I don’t have problem with whatever one believes, but the sad part here is, wherever and wherever I’ve visited the BAPS sect temples, the grown ups and kids, all alike, only consider and give importance to their guruji and not even other Hindu deities. This is mostly because of their illogical and completely incorrect teaching that only Swaminarayan will give them ultimate salvation and all other “demigods” are below Maya. Whereas, the original teachings of Swaminarayan are stating otherwise.


      • It is really bad for young generation. It is shameful on what they’re doing, as you can see from their loyal followers comment; they will go any length to defend their sadhu and their sadhu’s view.


      • Very nice observations Prakash. This is exactly what Swaminarayana gurus did. They took everything from Bhagwata Purana & Geeta and replaced Krishna’s name with Saminarayana. And now claim Swaminarayana is ParaBrahman. They call it “Sarva avtaro na avtari”. And now they dont talk about what Swaminarayan said himself in Shiksha Patri. Very Sad.


      • Well did you read the new comments by Harsha on top with swear words? Fools like those are like those brainwashed terrorists who try to just justify themselves, even though they’re completely wrong.

        Nobody has problems in whoever one believes in. But when some people make mockery of original teachings of Sanatana Dharma and put some living person on top of the Trinity to make tons of money by brainwashing, then it’s a complete BS. This is especially true because Swaminarayan folks list everyone else as ‘Dev’, which is ridiculously offensive.

        Read thoroughly why this blog is created and why ignorant people like you Harsha will still remain an owl, even after showing the path of light. Stop nonsense swearing.


    • This totals false
      Swaminarayan has said many times that to read and understand that the other texts of the sampraday. This is explicitly written in the Shikshapatri.

      Hinduism is about diversity and unity.

      I dare you and any person whose videos you have on this site to publicly “bash” Islam!

      You don’t have the balls!!!!

      There are many references of the Bhagwat Geeta in the Vachanamrut.

      We instal murtis it Ram, Krishna, Hanumanji etc in our Mandir’s regardless of which sub-section of the the Swaminarayan


      • Good to know that your vachnamurt has slok from Bhagwad Geeta. What about misinterpreting some sloks of bhagwad geeta? And proclaiming your god in bhagwad geeta?

        Issue is, you install murtis of ram, krishna to attract money. You have Shri Ram, but you don’t have laxman ji; yet hanuman chalisa says “Ram Lakhan Sita Sahit Hriday basahu sur bhoop”.


  5. I was observing the comments and the various exchanges on it, well i want to post some comments not as a counter but as an exchange, There is a strong lineage in which the 4 Sampradayas exist, In Vedas from day one there are 4 Sampradayas i.e., Sri, Rudra, kumara and one more i forgot which was directly authorized from Supreme lord himself, The chain formation which goes all the way down till Kali will be considered bonafied and pure, Reason is the instructions passed on from one successor (acharya) to another and is “as-it-is” and there should be no change, so my question is where is Swami Narayan Sampradaya coming from and how its bonafied ?

    secondly there are very exalted devotees and acharyas like Sankracharya, Ramanujacharya, Vallabhacharya, Madhavacharya and Chaitanya Mahaprabhu who have accepted Lord Sri Krishna is supreme and there is no compromise, though some acharyas have conflict in school of thoughts like Advaitha or Dwaitha or visistadwaitha etc.,

    Lord Sri Krishna incarnates many many times, Das avatara is only the one which is revealed as a divine prophecy as the untampred instructions they knew will only last till end of Kali and you know what i mean, there should be no human interpretation and this knowledge should be understood as-it-is.

    Finally Lord himself says in 18th Chapter ” Sarva dharman paritajya mam ekam Sharanam vraj” Please note he says openly “Mam Ekam” and non other.
    i am meek and humble devotee, i visit SwamiNarayan temple often but i am very impressed with the enthu the devotees have and as i am a Gujarati i love to be in satsang. however i can’t take off the above instructions out of my mind easily, BTW our lord lived in Dwarka and did so many wonderful Leelas, Ranachod leela, Expanding 16108 times etc., and infact if you are guju irrespective of what you are we greet each other with “Jai Sri Krishna”

    Jai Swaminarayan.


    • Swaminarayan wrote himself Shri Krishna par bhram purshottam; but little they know. In their temple, Shri Krishna, Shri Ram and Mahadev listed as dev where as their swaminarayan listed as par bhram?

      Read bhagwad geeta chapter 7 to know about word Dev or read sunderkand for how Shri Ram describe ‘Dev’.

      Tuslisdas also wrote in Uttarkand,
      कलिमल ग्रसे धर्म सब लुप्त भये सदग्रंथ
      दंभिन्ह निज मति कल्पि करि प्रगट किए बहु पंथ।

      Choice is yours
      Jay Shri Krishna


      • Strange to here that because when I visited Temple built by Lord Swaminarayana himself, the Temple had Murtis of Shiv bhagwan, Krishna Bhagwan, Ganesh Bhagwan, Shri Radhaji, Ranchoddasji and my favourite Lord Hanuman Dada. Even there were statues of all avatars. Dus Avatars and Harikrishna Maharaj.

        Yes, true its a pity that some of the followers of Swaminarayana disrepect others belief and God. I was not aware when I met some Gujaratis in foreign soil that explained me the situation.

        But, I myself am Swaminarayana devotee. I am trully sorry on behalf of all Swaminarayana followers. I am married to wonderful wife – a true devotee of Lord Shiva. I never forced her to believe in Swaminarayana neither my family too. Yes, I am aware that some people force newly wedded wife to follow only Swaminarayana dharma and I AM STRICTLY AGAINST THIS.

        I will try my best to educated people not to do so and not disrespect others belief.

        I hope in upcoming post you write something about Sanatan Dharma, Upanishad or on Mahabharat war and characteristics of the characters in it or about Ramayana and not on hatredness against Swaminarayana sect. You really have wonderful knowledge. Educate people but stop hatredness.

        Truth – Love – Compassion

        Jai Shri Krishna
        Jai Swaminarayana
        Om Namah Sivay
        Jai Shri Ram


      • See you’re carefully avoiding the truth. In 10avatar, did you see your swaminarayan’s name? For that matter, you can take Vishnu’s 24 avatar, did you see swaminarayan’s name in it as well?

        Of Course, you would see murti of all gods, but is word “Dev” for krishna, ram and shiv, whereas word bhagwan is used for your swaminarayan. That is what is more disturbing. Of course you have all murtis, cause it is a way to attract more fools and donation.

        Was your swaminarayan so foolish that he wrote in shiksapatri 108 Shri Krishna Par bhram pushottam. Slok 114 Only to pray Shri Krishna and none other?

        Huh, Hanuman. Whole world knows about Hanuman, and Hanuman only prays to Shri Ram. And Shri Ram is listed as Dev…

        It is very easy to say, my favorite Hanuman, yet very difficult to follow on path of Hanuman… I’m proud to say, at least I’m trying to follow on path of Hanuman

        Jay Shri Ram


      • Where did you find that word “Dev” is used for Krishna, Shiv and for Ram? If its from people and you generalizing it on all, then you are very wrong. I am Swaminarayana and I am not doing that. Not even my relatives or family. If its from people, can you list me number of how many of them and how many of them NOT.

        Thing is you are generalizing to one category just as US is generalizing all Muslims as Terrorists (again not all US citizens do so). Nothing wrong (Your Belief) but at same time its not even RIGHT. Hinduism is only religion which is not even religion but way of life. We respect many many Gods to the extend that I even respect Pastafarianism (Great Spaghetti Bhagwan !!) Ever heard??.

        Ofcourse, Ram Bhagwan even didn’t wrote to worship only and only me ( Of course Krishna Bhagwan did). And at time of Lord Swaminarayana, its Kalyug. Ofcourse he was not foolish to tell people I am Bhagwan and worship me. People were not fool that time. He did Leelas or else nobody would in this era can believe self claimed Bhagwan. Many powerful saint studied him closely and then said he is Bhagwan himself. But, to some eyes he was just social worker. Not God !! Belief thing.

        Not whole world knows about Hanuman my friend. 🙂 Many even dont know he is avatar of Bhagwan Shiv himself. And many even dont know that he is always present when someone reads Ramayana or in Morari Bapu’s katha.

        Good that you are following path of Lord Hanuman.

        My question who was observer/present during Bhagwan Vishnu’s 24 avatars? On what basis he judged that this was GOD?? Just curious what you know about this. I have no knowledge.


      • I have seenword ‘Dev’ in more than 1 sampraday. Rest is for you to find; I don’t want to make it too easy for you. Yes, all swaminarayan samprdayas are same.

        For your kind knowledge, Shri Ram did say, read Ramayan for that. “People were not fool that time.” – really is that what your thinking is? May be you haven’t finished searching this site. Gandhiji wrote in his letter that swaminarayan is all sentimentalism, this is not bhakti… and Gandhiji didn’t address swaminarayan with title of god or bhagwan. Dayanand Saraswati, may be you should read his “Satyarsh Prakash” and see what he wrote about swaminarayan. Great many people such as Swami RamKrishna, Swami Vivekananda, J. KrisnaMurti, Vinoba Bhave, Swami Prabupad, Acharchya Shri Ram Sharma, LokManya Tilak, Pandurang Aathvale, Mahrshi Arvind and even Morari Bapu doesn’t consider swaminarayan as bhagwan, may be you should listen to his katha (he doesn’t mention any name though). BTW, if you don’t know who above mentioned people are then you should google them you will recognize by their face.

        You call Hanuman favorite then Explain me below, and see how smart you’re.
        तुम्हरो मंत्र बिभीषन माना।
        लंकेस्वर भए सब जग जाना।।

        I don’t know who were present during Vishnu’s 24th avatar, nor do I care to answer.


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