Pramukh Swami against Navratri celebration


It is pity how money concentrated sampraday trying to change Sanatan Hindu Dharma. BAPS Pramukh Swami addressing assembly in UK to not to celebrate Navratri, Navratri is specially dedicated to ma Amba. Pramukh Swami knew that by their followers are spending money on Navratri; but asking BAPS followers not celebrate, he wanted to keep money in the sampraday.

Also, BAPS started playing garba in their halls by placing fake god in the center. This is a downfall for Hindu dharma; damage done by sampraday will hurt Hindu religion for years.

It is very well known that BAPS is biased towards the females; but we didn’t know that they’re also biased towards Maa Ambe. We should stop visiting such a temple where women are respected.


BAPS Pramukh Swami Message about Shri Krishna

BAPS, swaminarayan

Recently BAPS has published messaged regarding pramukh swami. Long time standing BAPS organization who has been following swaminarayan, published a new message, written in Gujarati, that asks all devotees to pray Shri Krishna and Shri Ram.