FBI raids BAPS Temple located in New Jersey

We have been telling people for years that BAPS Swaminarayan Sampraday is a big fraud. In our website, facebook and Instagram; we have telling the true stories for years. From all the things you can imagine, they do money laundering, human trafficking, they take away passport of their workers, they show Sanatan Dharma’s god inferior to their 200 years old Swaminarayan. Their saints live luxurious lives, they preach their followers to not to pray to Sanatan Dharma’s god. But for us, it was just a word of mouth; we didn’t have any evidences or we can never get anywhere close to the evidence.

News broke out on Robbinsville, New Jersey is nothing new; this has been going on for years for all the temples they have built throughout the world. Matter of the fact, same technique was used for all the temples that were built in the US. They have been showing negative checkbooks to collect government incentives; but they send their followers to collect donations on various occasions throughout the year; and surprisingly, it is all cash. Often times they tell their followers to emotionally blackmail non-followers to collect extra donations.

To increase their followers and for extra donations; they spread the fake news in Gujarati Communities. During Australia’s forest fire of 2019; when rain actually started on forest fires that were burning for months, BAPS spread the news in the communities that it was because of the head of the Sampraday rain started following on the Australian Fire. It was a utter joke and not received very well in the communites.

Head of their Samparaday is also known as God of Universe in their followers; yet their head stoop to such a level which brings shame to the eternal Sanatan Dharma.

Sad reality is things will be forgotten and they will go back to doing their same thing; and people will get misused throughout the world.

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