Swaminarayan Ladudi and Pandemic

Note: in all our posts, we have started to refer swaminarayan as a ladudi.
First Cholera Pandemic 1817-1824.

Swaminarayan sampraday goes very far in portraying swaminarayan (Ladudi) as Ultimate supreme being yet ignoring the simple facts that God takes the birth to ease the pain, destroy adharmis and set up a righteous path of Dharma.

Ladudi (3 April 1781 – 1 June 1830) roamed and fooled the people of India for 49 years and during those time India and Indian went through many pain, but Ladudi never interfered to ease the pain or destroy the adharmis. Easiest one to remember is why Ladudi never destroyed ruthless Britishers? Ladudi sampraday has answer for that and as they explained, Ladudi warned Britishers that they will rule India till they have goodness in them. Ladudi sampraday explanation doesn’t make sense on why Ladudi couldn’t destroy Britishers; in fact, Ladudi met Britishers more than 1 time during his 49 years of lifespan. But let’s forget about Ladudi and Britisher for moment and focus on Pandemic

For moment assume Ladudi couldn’t destroy Britishers for reason unknown, but during Ladudi’s time, pandemic also happened in India, it was known as First Cholera Pandemic. First Cholera Pandemic (1817-1824) broke out in India spread to the rest of the world. During the First Cholera Pandemic approximated 100,000 Indian died and all 6 Cholera combined more than 1million people died in the world. Ladudi Sampraday and their books claims that Ladudi has magical power and shown his true form to many sampraday devotees, but where was that magical power when it was needed for people during First Cholera Pandemic.

BAPS Ladudi Sampraday Pragat Brhm Swarup Mahant (sampraday claims he is a living god), claims to have magical power such as bringing rain to Australian Fire, and news was released by Ladudi Sampraday after rain actually started falling in Australia forest fire. As of April 13 2020, due to Corona Virus (COVID19) pandemic more than 100000 died and Ladudi Sampraday Brham Swarup Mahant is locked up in his fancy temple, but his magical power is no reach for COVID19 pandemic.

It is a long history of Ladudi and Ladudi Sampraday to fool people in name of God. Ladudi couldn’t do anything with First Cholera Pandemic and BAPS Ladudi Sampraday Brham Swarup Mahant can’t do anything with COVID19.

Shame on Hindus for believing in Ladudi and Ladudi Sampraday act of fooling people.

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