Dishonesty of head of one of swaminarayn sampraday

17 thoughts on “Dishonesty of head of one of swaminarayn sampraday

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  1. Swaminarayan was a guru , baps and other sampradays made him a god. They loot people to make mandirs just to make more money and spread their followers to convert more people by trashing other sects. Don’t be fooled by the goons in orange.


  2. Swaminarayan is a guru not a god. Baps and other Zamora days have made him a god and turned what was a man of service into a business led by goons in orange and dumbass followers believing evrything they say. If bapa said to sleep during the day and wake up at night, these fools would follow it and make up a bs reason why it’s the right way. They are destroying Ram and Krishna just to make more money and make more mandirs- which is how they make more money. They use devotion to justify it but do they really care about the devotees. Nope- it’s all about the money.


  3. What I am saying is that Morari Bapu isn’t saying anything bad about this Sampraday. Whereas you are, are you a Gujarati speaker?


    1. It is pretty obvious that you lack common knowledge in gujarati. swaminarayan sampradays are cutting or edit what he says. It could be Bapu is trying to educate illiterate and sampraday people don’t like.. therefore they’re cutting it off.


      1. Listen CAREFULLY to what he says. Why would he say good things at first and then bad things??? This Sampraday does not edit his speeches, I took my time to find a video of his speeches at this Sampraday and they were fully unedited. Other sampradays do cut his speeches.


      2. What did I say in my other comment? You will not find anything wrong cause you’re motivated to think that whatever your sampraday is always right, which is obviously not right. You can keep mumbling as much as you want.


      3. lol you resorted to your last option.. huh. do what you can and I will be here.


    1. Everything, they change or crop the part of the video to make of them look like they’re saying nice things about their sampraday.


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