1. Sahajand Bhai (aka Swami Narayan) existed at a time when India was under the torcherous rule of the Viceroy (Britishers).

    From the year 1700-1950 lakhs of Indians gave their lives for the country’s freedom. If there was really a God on this earth at that time, why is there no mention of him in any history books in our literature?

    Normal human beings have made history in that time like :

    Mangal pandey
    Bhagat singh
    Lal bahadur shastri
    Subhash Chandra bose
    Rani Laxmi Bai
    Sardar patel
    Swami vivekanad
    Gandhi ji
    And countless more…

    But where is Sahajand Bhai during this period?

    If he was God, did he help any of these or do anything against the foreign rule and help his country men?

    When Lord Ram came on this land, he fought the devils across the country and also killed ravan…

    When Lord Krishna came on this land, he fought asatya and adharm by raging war against the kauravs and reinstated the definition of truth and dharma.

    If sahajand Bhai was God, what did he do in his time? Is there any record of it? Anywhere? In any history books?

    What did he do???

    Swayam vichar kijiye…


  2. Hey. Not a BAPS follower but also not a hater of any god. Just want to say instead of wasting time debating why not just follow whatever god you believe in and achieve salvation like narsinh Mehta, Mirabai. Why waste valuable human life in arguments when you can actually follow your god and it’s value (scriptures) and attain moksha. Few people are genuine following god and actually setting a goal to attain moksh. To much time and energy is being wasted in belittling each other in who is better and who is bad. Just be happy with your beliefs and live life. It’s not hard to do. If you really are a Krishna supporter then dive deep into bhagvad geeta and make your life complete. Try to attain the same salvation narsinh Mehta did. Forget about everyone else.


  3. Swaminarayan is supream god , thats all…, if you want get knowledge about that, than please come in swaminarayan temple, and read books like, vachnamrut (the only one book is enough to get understant, why lord swaminarayan is supream god).
    And one thing is, the real values and principle which is set by lord swaminarayan is followed only their original sampraday (i.e. Kalupur gadi and Vadtal gadi), and otherthan this two gadi (like, BAPS) are madeup by manupulating the real values and principle of lord swaminarayan.
    So, the point is the original swaminarayan sampraday are only two gadi, Kalupur and Vadtal, which is set by Lord swaminarayan himself.


    • सिया राम माय सब जग जानी
      – Ram and Seeta are everywhere in this world.
      कृष्णम वंदे जगत गुरु
      – Whole worlds belongs to Shri Krishna.

      Ram and Krishna are everywhere in the world, you just need to see it through.
      Although Raavan is not present, but characteristics of Raavan are still present; just as swaminarayan sadhu asking for donation from poor people, yet they fly in private planes.


  4. Check the history of BAPS, – BAPS started with nothing at hand, only five Sadhus who strongly believed in Bhakt Sahit Bhagwan where Radha sahit Krishna, Sita Sahit Rama, Parvati Sahit Shiva and Akshar Sahit Purushottam – this you see all these Murtis at BAPS Mandirs. Second, BAPS was built on strong will power to dream big and make it happen with sole reliance of Bhagwan. Check your facts before stating that BAPS doesn’t let women do much? Hello? Go check all of our women’s activities – I have been participating in them since childhood.


  5. Why patels questions ramayana/mahabharata superiority ?? Why baps patels insult ram-krishna avatars of narayan and calls them secondary ? Why patels feels ordinary ghanshyam pandey was lord ?

    Answers: millions of patels converted into islam and other millions of patels got raped by mughals. Both fully converted patels and partial converted baps patels have blood/dna of mughals dynasty. All these mughal category patels will always doubt ram-krishna superiority.

    These mughal’s dynasty patels gets funding to disrupt the sanatan dharm. These mughals patels are expert in reverse teaching and making money from fools. They are in business of hawala, foreign black money transactions. That is primary reason why they build temples globally and why they do handshake (paid handshake) to famous personalities.

    Gay, pramukh swami of baps said: delhi akshardham was in there radar since 1950, because he believes one who invades delhi will get entire country captured. These mughals patels are playing very safe game, by keeping all the process/tradition/policy of sanatan dharm as-is. No one should doubt any tactics. Keep the process same but manipulate the entire product.

    Modern Terrorism : THROUGH OUT THE WAR GAME,
    Keep insulting sanatan dharm supreme god, and teach reverse that ANY ORDINARY ghantal Guru ghanshyam is supreme. Keep making money and keep doing hawala transactions globally.

    ***********JUST IMAGINE : YOUR FAMILY MEMBERS, old-age/mother/wife/daughter/girls, STARTS PRAYING TO SOME GHANTAL. PROTECT YOUR FAMILY***********************************

    ################### READ THE SHIKSHAPATRI VERSES AGAIN AND AGAIN !!###############################

    Shikshapatri verse 1: I, Sahajananda Swami, within my heart, meditate and worship Lord KRISHNA, whose left Radha is standing by, on whose right side resides Lakshmi.

    Shikshapatri verse 102 : DHARM means KRISHNA BHAKTI.

    Shikshapatri verse 103 : BHAKTI means KRISHNA’s LOVE.

    Shikshapatri verse 104 : VAIRAGAYA means KRISHNA’s attachment.

    Shikshapatri verse 105 : JIVA is AKSHAR (Non-Destructible) ATMA.

    Shikshapatri verse 106 : MAYA is KRISHNA’s Shakti.


    Shikshapatri verse 108 : KRISHNA is PARAM-BRAHM (Supreme Nirrakaar Virat-Roop form).

    Shikshapatri verse 108 : KRISHNA is PURUSHTTOM (Supreme Sakaar form).

    Shikshapatri verse 108 : KRISHNA is BHAGWAN.(Supreme Ishwar)



    Shikshapatri verse 109 : KRISHNA is NAR-NARAYAN.

    Shikshapatri verse 111/112 : Lord Krishna has infinite forms. He can be show with/without Radha, with 2-hands, with 4-hands, with 1008-hands and with Infinite hands.

    Shikshapatri verse 113 : Whole Universe should pray to KRISHNA. There’s no other Salvation.

    Shikshapatri verse 114: Biggest AIM of life should be “KRISHNA’s Bhakti and Satsang about KRISHNA” .

    Shikshapatri verse 115 : Never worship any SOULS (AKSHAR).

    Shikshapatri verse 116 : Worship Lord Krishna, by first connecting SOUL with the Brahm (Matter).

    Shikshapatri verse 117 : To understand supreme lord KRISHNA, read 10th-contos of Srimad Bhawat everyday (or atleast once a year).

    Shikshapatri verse 121: GOLAK is SUPREME DHAM, and is AKSHAR (Non-destructible).

    Shikshapatri verse 130/131 : I, Sahajananda Swami have created 6-temple of lord KRISHNA and his various forms (lke Laxmi-Narayan). Follow proper ceremonies to worship Lord Krishna in these temples. Anyone visiting these Krishna’s temple should be offered Food and Grains.

    Shikshapatri verse 19: Jagannathpuri Lord Krishna prasad is AMRUT.

    Shikshapatri verse 29: Ignore all shastra/scriptures which doubts superiority of Lord Krishna and His incarnations.

    Shikshapatri verse 39: NEVER GIVE-UP on Lord KRISHNA’s BHAKTI.

    Shikshapatri verse 42: Apply Lord Krishna’s GOPI chandan TILAK on forehead.

    Shikshapatri verse 43: Krishna’s vertical Tilak and RED DOT of Radha/Laxmi.

    Shikshapatri verse 44: Lord Krishna’s wife TULSI Kanthi and a vertical Tilak.

    Shikshapatri verse 47 : Lord SHIV and Lord NARAYAN are ONE.

    Shikshapatri verse 49: Pray to Lord KRISHNA very first in the morning.

    Shikshapatri verse 54: Chant RADHA-KRISHNA mantra everyday.

    Shikshapatri verse 56: Worship LITTLE KRISHNA’s saligram (Vishnu) MURTI.

    Shikshapatri verse 57: Recite holy names of Lord Krishna.

    Shikshapatri verse 58: Never eat/drink without offering first to Lord Krishna.

    Shikshapatri verse 63: Every evening go-to Lord KRISHNA’s Temple.

    Shikshapatri verse 64: Do Sat-Sang about Lord Krishna’s life and teachings.

    Shikshapatri verse 81-82: Follow Vithalnathji Vallabhacharya prescribed fasts, festivals and mode of worship of Lord Krishna.

    Shikshapatri verse 86: Eclipse day chant mantra of Lord Krishna.

    Shikshapatri verse 93-95 : The four Vedas, Shrimad Bhagavat, Vishna-Sahasranama from Mahabharat, Shri Bhagavat Gita, Shri Vasudeva-Mahatmya from Vishnu-Khand in Skand-Purana, and Yajnavalkya-Smriti are chief scriptures.

    Shikshapatri verse 98: Known the Supreme Lord by reading the Tenth Skandas of Shrimad Bhagavat and the Fifth Skandas of Shrimad Bhagavat

    Shikshapatri Verse-99
    (1) The tenth of Srimad Bhagvad, (2) fifth skanda of Srimad Bhagvad shall and (3) the Yagnavalkya Smruti shall be treated as favorite (1) Bhakti shastras, (2) Yoga shastras and (3) Dharmashastra respectively.

    Shikshapatri Verse-100
    Vyas–sutras and Shri Bhagvad Gita by Ramanujacharya shall be treated as my favorite Shastras.

    Shikshapatri verse 147: Donate 10% of your income in name of KRISHNA to build Krishna’s temples.

    Shikshapatri verse 212 : May Lord Shri KRISHNA, Destroy all miseries, Protect Bhakti with Dharma and Give desired happiness to all.

    Guru’s are tourist guide, who are supposed to show the path of the mountain-peak during the hike or these guru’s are local drivers who will give you ride to the destination. BAPS Problem, one gets engaged/looted/married/RA,PED by the guru/guide/driver and than the individual forgets the “TRINITY” destination.



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